Getting a local SIM card at Manchester Airport when traveling UK is always a good idea to stay connected with throughout your trip. Read on this guide before your trip.

Where to buy a SIM card at Manchester Airport

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Manchester Airport Airport

1. WHSmith

  • Opening Hours: Terminal 1: 5:30am – last flight / Terminal 2: 6am – last flight
  • Location:
    • Terminal 1 – Ground Level, Departures
    • Terminal 2 – Upper Level, Departures
  • Language Support: English

WHSmith sells SIM cards from various UK networks including Vodafone, EE, O2, and more. The retailer offers prepaid SIMs in different configurations so you can choose data amounts based on your needs.

WHSmith at Manchester Airport
WHSmith at Manchester Airport

2. Dixons Travel

  • Opening Hours: 4:30am – 10:30pm
  • Location:
    • Terminal 1 – check-in level
    • Terminal 2 – Upper Level, Departures
    • Terminal 3 – Upper Level, Departures
  • Language Support: English

Dixons Travel is similar to WHSmith in offering prepaid SIM card options from multiple UK carriers. You can compare SIM plans and pricing to choose the right amount of data, minutes, and texts for your trip requirements.

Dixons Travel at Manchester Airport
Dixons Travel at Manchester Airport

II. Manchester Airport SIM Card Options and Costs

The major UK network operators like Vodafone, EE, O2, and Three offer prepaid tourist SIM cards at Manchester Airport. Here is an overview of popular SIM plans and estimated pricing:

Network Data Amount Validity Approx. Cost (USD)
Vodafone 12 GB 30 days ~$27
EE 10 GB 30 days ~$27
O2 15 GB 180 days ~$40
Three 12 GB 30 days ~$27


  • Prices may vary slightly depending on retailer.
  • Top-up options are available if you need more data.
  • Some networks may require providing ID to purchase a SIM.

When selecting a SIM, check if your phone has LTE band compatibility for best coverage with a UK network. For voice calls and texting, most SIMs include 100-200 minutes and unlimited texts. You can also add on a calling package as needed. Overall, Vodafone and EE are recommended for their extensive 4G coverage areas throughout the Manchester area and UK.

III. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Manchester Airport

To purchase a SIM card at Manchester Airport, be sure you have:

  • Passport – Some SIM retailers may ask to see your passport for identity verification when buying a SIM.
  • Cash and credit/debit card – Have local currency and a payment card available. Not all shops accept credit cards for SIM purchases.
  • Unlocked phone – Your device cannot be locked to a specific network carrier. Contact your home provider about unlocking if needed.

Also check the SIM card size your phone requires before traveling. Most phones use nano SIMs. You can ask the retailer if they offer SIM size swapping or bring your own nano SIM adapter.

Know your Manchester accommodation address to provide when setting up your SIM plan. And ensure your phone works properly before leaving home in case you need to get a replacement.

IV. eSIM as an Alternative to Physical SIM Card at Manchester Airport

Using an eSIM digital SIM downloaded to your phone is an alternative to physical SIM cards when traveling. eSIM allows you to digitally activate a UK phone number and data plan without having to insert a plastic SIM.

Here are some eSIM benefits:

  • Convenience – eSIM setup can be done online before you even land in Manchester. No need to locate and purchase a plastic SIM card.
  • Multi-network flexibility – You can add eSIM profiles from different providers and switch as needed within your phone settings.
  • Security – An eSIM can’t be lost or stolen like a physical SIM card.

While eSIM makes managing international data straightforward, a plastic SIM may offer cheaper local rates. But eSIM is a great option if you need connectivity right after landing or want the flexibility to change plans during your trip. One of the popular eSIM providers is UK eSIM from GIGAGO.

Best UK eSIM plans
Best UK eSIM plans


Can I buy a SIM card late at night or early morning at Manchester Airport?

Yes, SIM cards can be purchased 24/7 at Manchester Airport. Stores like WHSmith and Dixons open very early morning and close after the last flight. This allows you to buy a SIM no matter what time your flight arrives or departs.

What are the SIM card shop opening hours at Manchester Airport terminals?

Opening hours vary for each retailer, but major SIM sellers like Vodafone, WHSmith, and Dixons are open 4:30-5:30am until 10:00-10:30pm daily. Smaller shops may have more limited hours. Be sure to check opening times for the specific store you plan to visit.

Can I pay with credit/debit card for a SIM card at Manchester Airport?

Most major SIM card retailers accept major credit and debit cards. However, some smaller shops may be cash only. Before buying your SIM, check if the store accepts card payment to avoid any problems

Do the SIM card shops at Manchester Airport offer discounts or deals?

The main SIM card outlets do not typically offer special discounts for airport purchases. Prices are generally the same as buying directly from the mobile carrier. You can sometimes get a discount by showing a valid student, youth, or teacher ID card.

How can I access free airport WiFi when I land to arrange a SIM card?

Manchester Airport provides free WiFi throughout the terminals. To access, connect to the “Manchester _ Free WiFi” network. You’ll need to watch a 30-second advert video before getting online access. This will allow you to research SIM options and arrange an eSIM if needed when you arrive.

VI. Final Words

Purchasing a SIM card at Manchester Airport upon arrival makes it easy to stay connected during your trip. You’ll avoid roaming charges and have constant access to maps, travel info, and social media.

Consider UK eSIM from GIGAGO, you’ll stay connected and make the most of your time visiting Manchester and beyond!